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Self assessment tax returns need to be in by Friday - what can you learn from that to get more properties let?

Yes, most landlords will file a Self assessment tax return
each year and it needs to be by this Friday. Doing your NALS or ARLA returns is a piece of cake compared to completing one of these bad boys (many of you readers will do them as well). They are an absolute pain to do... yet as letting agents, how can we learn from pain? The closer you are to the point of pain, the more you can charge.

Sarnies at the airport costs £6 to £7 compared to £3 or £4 on your High Street. Touted tickets to the Rolling Stones, outside the concert on the evening itself cost more than ones bought in months in advance.Emergency towing in a strange town costs more than an years subscription to the RAC.

The single easiest way to increase your fees is to get closer to the want. How many times could you have let that lovely 3 bed semi in the lovely part of town next to the lovely school … compared to the droves of ex-council 1 bed maisonettes that take weeks or months to let.

Why note charge different fees for different properties ? High fees for better properties and lower fees for harder to shift property to incentivise tenants for those. You can still keep the right side of ASA ruling, if you advertise it correctly.

It's interesting to note that no large scale advertising ventures are closer to the pain than Google Adwords. …. and we all know how much they charge, yet are so effective if done correctly!

... and if you want to get landlords, talk on your blog about stories where you helped a tenant find landlord with an issue, talk about how you helped them .. if you have done your blog correctly, when that landlord is the same position.. who is he/she going to think of? You .. and you can charge what you like to sort the problem.