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If you want more landlords - do this and get .....

Most people, let alone us letting agents, whether we like it or not, we are all influence by, and make day to day decisions based on, incentives (real or potential) - do this and get that in response.
Figure out what you want, figure out what you need to do to get it, and go do it.
However, I was thinking about the way my friend Marcus in Round Table does business the other day. He's been a successful car dealer for more than 10 years. I realised that I can't remember one time when he did this to get that.
When he volunteered to run the local Christmas float, or when he helped a raise money for Children in Need by pushing a bed down a busy road between Nottingham and East Midlands Airport (you should have seen the queues .. over a mile long), he didn't have an ulterior motive. Same thing when he helped dozens of OAP’s get a decent meal at Christmas
It's been a consistent approach, and it sure seems to work. Consistent as in all the time, not just when it's convenient... and for some reason Marcus gets about meeting people and guess what, these people come to him for a car. For successful lettings agents, now, more than ever, it's easier to give even when it seems like you're not going to get. The happy irony is that this turns out to be a very effective marketing approach, even though that's not the point. Think about it, you are here reading this blog, because you want more landlords. Most of you will find it interesting, some of you will put into action what I suggest, and loads of you have contacted me asking for my help to help them get more landlords .. by giving .. you receive.
So why don’t you start a blog and start giving advice on your local market. I know one letting agent who attributes his turnover rising by £10,000 per month, year on year to his blog ... and it only takes him 8 minutes a day plus another 60 minutes every 21 days .. now tell me you havent got enough time. I can help you with the content (see the kind testimonials have been given for my work link here)  .. that's what i do .. help letting agents do it .Teach them how to do it so it gets real results .... and if you don’t have enough time and have deep enough pockets, you even pay me to do it 

But less of this my blog readers (and I am chuffed you keep coming back most days to read it .. thank you) .. back to work and Shalom 

PS Joey the dog is feeling allot better. Thank you to everyone who sent their wishes. More pics of him soon