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How to find landlords for your letting agency

First thought .. You can only grow a lettings business on the
foundation of great customer service.

Second thought: The only way to do great customer service is to treat different customers (ie landlords) differently. (That bit easy .. all you need to do is look into the eyes of a potential landlord, and say, Mr Landlord/Mrs Landlord .. I will care for your property as if it were my own")

Third thought: How do you treat them differently if you don’t have them (landlords) in the first place .. chicken and the egg scenario?

So I must ask you: Who are your landlords?  Nobody walks around with a badge, saying, ‘I am a landlord’

It's not obvious is it?

How do you get landlords (customers) when you don’t know who they are?

Well, in fact you do. Let me ask these questions...

·         Is a landlord more likely be below 40 years of age or above?  Most would say above
·         Is a landlord likely to be in social class of the A, B and C’s or the C, D’s or E’s?  Most would say A,B and C’s
·         Is a landlord likely to already own his or her own home? Most would say already a home owner
·         Do most landlords (except in the large City’s) tend to buy their BTL properties in the same town or county they live in themselves, or do most landlords buy randomly all over the UK; one in Doncaster, another in Slough and another in Liverpool?  Most would buy local (because they know the good and bad areas, they can keep an eye on it and its not far if anything goes wrong)
·         Is a landlord likely to wear a tshirt and jeans to work or a suit and shirt?  Most would wear a shirt and suit.
·         Is a landlord likely to earn in his or her own job over £40k pa or below? Most would earn over £40k pa

So let me get this straight, we are looking for people, over the age of 40, middle class homeowners, who wear a shirt to work who earn decent money and they tend to buy their rental investments in the same town they live in. 

If only there were places these people (described above) congregated ???? ...the chances are they would be landlords or come into daily contact with landlords ... yeah that would be great
... but there are such groups ... the Rotary club, the Conservative Club, the Lions club, any local Temple that has a business group, Town Centre partnerships,  the Chamber of Commerce ,  Round Table, Ladies Circle ... trust me they will all welcome you with open arms

 I always advised the offices I had under my wing to join as many as possible ... not all did, but the ones did ... did really well .. strange that eh?  If you want some advice and opinion, whilst I sort out my new venture, pick up the phone or contact me via my Linkedin profile (link above above my ugly mugshot - top right hand corner)