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If only I could get a landlord sat in front of me .. I know I could get their business

I was having a quite interesting conversation with a letting
agent the other day. We talked about lettings and the question of shop vs online came up. I said that before this tinter-web-socmedia thing, in a world of limited resources and more importantly, limited choice; the only way you could sell your thing (product or service), was to have a shop. So in our case, we are selling a letting agency service 

However, in a world of abundant choice, unlimited social media, unlimited internet; the need for a shop front is less of a need. The problem is, with unlimited supply comes other issues. The chooser has too many alternatives, too much choice ... there’s too much clutter, and the scarce resources are attention and trust, not shop space. This situation is tough for many, because attention and trust must be earned, not acquired.

So, am I saying there is no need for a shop. No, I am not. Just because tenants search on line doesn’t mean you should go solely online. Remember, its the landlords that give you the business. You see, anyone who follows what I believe, knows it is not all about your website, your shop (or lack of it) .. your fancy rent guarantee products, your cheep fees ... no,  its all about you Mr or Mrs letting agent.

If you believe lettings is a people business and people but people, until you meet a landlord,  you can't build a relationship with them. If you cant build a relationship, you cant get their business .. simple as that.

Most letting agents say, jsut get a landlord sat in front of me, and I will get their business. So, as I said to my letting agent friend... the most important thing you need to do as a letting agent is to get the landlord to meet you, get them to walk through your door. 

So, how do you do that?

Easy. read some of my other posts, especially this one about basic storytelling. Good storytelling, with charisma and magic is what captivates people and drives them to take action. ... and in business as in life .. action is is what it is all about. You need landlords in your lettings business .. so, what are you going to say, that initially capitvates them, makes them interested in YOU and then take action to want to come and talk to you .. because in this world .. no landlord will decide to use you until they have met you.

Want more proof?  Well how about making rental market appraisals rise from 6 a month to 15/18 in 9 to 12 months, or another office that increased market appraisals from 4 per month to 14 a month or another that let 35 properties from a  cold start in 4 months (with an additional 9 on the books .. again from a cold start.)  If you are the sort of letting agent that wants even more proof, advanced storytelling is talked about on this blog posting ...

Well I hope everyone has a great day today. Even though I haven't launched my letting agency growth consultancy, where I will both teach and do all the stuff I mentioned in the blogs for letting agents in the UK, interest has been excellent from people enquiring about my services. If you fancied a chat, pick up the phone. If you don't sign the cheques, still pick up the phone and even send this blog onto to the man or lady that does in your company .. they too might be interested in getting more rental properties on their books .. choice is yours my fellow blog readers.

Well Shalom to you all and have a good one out there

Finally, for those of you from twitter who have arrived directly from the twitter link .. here is a link to all the blogs posted so far (nearly 20 and rising!)