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Stop treating landlords like cash cows

Some letting agents agents see their landlords as cash cows. The tenants keep paying and we will cream out 10% each month .. kerching!
I think that is so wrong. Why treat your landlords as if they are a population of faceless one size homogeneous cash machines. They have different goals, different needs, different backgrounds.
Don't sell to your customers as if they are a exchangeable, one size fits all lettings service, a walking cash machine waiting for you to punch. Six of one are not like half a dozen of the other. They tell themselves different stories, have different needs and demand something different from you.
Different landlords and for our estate agency colleagues, different potential sellers, we have the choice to treat them as individuals. Not only do they need different things, but they offer differing amounts of value to you and to your agency.
Now, as letting agents, you have a chance to differentiate at a person by person basis, to use behaviour as the most important clue about what people want and more important, what they need. It's a no-brainer to treat the landlord of the twenty properties differently from the accidental landlord. However, instead of reserving this special treatment for a few special people though, why not consider what would happen if you offered it to all of those landlords
The long tail of everything means that there's something for everyone--a blog to read, a charity to donate to, a skill to learn. When you send everyone the same eshot email, demand everyone the same email, you've missed it. That’s why you should seriously consider bespoke eshot system and bespoke blogs and bespoke newsletters.... and the best bit is with technology .. you can produce it on a mass scale, but make it personal. (Seriously consider the briefyourmarket eshot system guys .. wow .. that’s a powerful bit of kit!)
A very long time ago, shoe salespeople realised that shoes that don't fit are difficult to sell, regardless of what you've got in stock. Today, the people you serve are coming to realise that like their shoe size, their needs are different, regardless of what your urgent agenda might be.

So Mr agent (or Mrs agent) .. what its to be... one size fits all or bespoke?