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Letting Agents - by giving you will get more landlords to use you

I don’t have problems, I have opportunities.. its just that sometimes I have insurmountable opportunities

All of us are far more aware of our problems than our possible opportunities. Our problems nag at us, annoy us and holds us back. All of us try to solve those problems .. it makes them go away if we sort them.

Even letting agency's have their problems, and the owners of those letting agencies are keen to solve them. One could be lack of stock, a need for more rental properties on your books? If only there was someone who could help with that problem

If you read the column down the side of this blog.. I invite you to pick up the phone and have a chat about your 'getting more landlords' problem. The offer is genuine .. let's have 5 minutes on the phone to discuss how it can be done (ie get more landlords to use your agency).

Some of the phone calls are from brand new start up agency, where money is tight. Some haven't been able to employ my services, due to pennies being tight. I have given my time freely and given them some great advice (their words not mine), and who knows, whilst they might not give me some business now, they might recommend me to another agent who will. However, some letting agents who rang me, have gone on to become clients of mine. I spend just as much time with both.

So if you need more landlords ...why don’t you solve the problems of the landlords of your competitors ??... without expectation of getting business today or even tomorrow .. in fact ever. You see when you generously encourage people to bring you their problems, they might just do that. Solving problems, and I mean actually really solving them, not just claiming you do—solving real and urgent problems, of landlords, be they yours or someone else’s  is a sure fire way to get the world to beat a path to your door.

How could you do that? Well one way to do would be have landlord clinics, then give feedback on social media afterwards (obviously removing the names). Another would be to give unlimited buy to let advice to any landlord (the landlords problem being what should he/she buy)

You see, giving to others is indeed the strategy to win in business as well as in life. Although successful letting agents often have talent, luck, and a willingness to work hard, there is a another element to success—how someone interacts with other people—that is equally, if not more important.

People who give who reap the most significant rewards in business, because they have superior networking, collaborating, evaluating, and influencing skills, they will come out on to ... maybe not in the short term, but definitely in the long term.

Everyone knows networking is important to business. The more people you know, the better chances you have of connecting with someone who can help you materially or will invest in your business. But, if you are a taker, the chances that someone in your network will want to help you significantly decrease. Givers, on the other hand, have better relationships with people in their network and are more likely to benefit when they call upon their connections.

Give advice, give opinion, and you will get back more

PS .. why the picture of the dog .. dont know just thought as it put a smile on my face ..  it would yours!

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