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Six more ideas to get more landlords .. think local

Just a few ideas I want to share?
  • Stay open extra late one evening a fortnight to capture landlords who aren’t served by your normal letting agents’ hours... hey, you could even call it a landlord clinic
  • Have a weekly trivia contest or game night on your website
  • Set up a children’s area in your lettings agency with toys and games to keep kids occupied while parents shop. If you aren’t big enough, have some colouring books and crayons
  • Put art from local artists on the walls of your agency. You can even sell the art and take a commission from the artists!.
  • Why not put Recipe of the Week on a window card .. mention on twitter. I did that once and people made a beeline to look at the recipe each week
  • Create a monthly newsletter about your local property market. I can help write and get it sorted for you. Then deliver it to all the solicitors, accountants, movers and shakers in the town. One office I helped with did such a thing and get 23 new rental listings in one month from it. Now that is extraordinary, but it works