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Get out of that rut Mr/s letting agent -

Which is more important to you? 

To get the most landlords to 'use' your brilliant letting agency services in the most effective way possible, or do things the way you were taught and do things the way you have always done them and are almost in a rut with? 

I ask you this because today's thought is nothing new, but it is ignored by 97% of letting agents

It pains me to admit that 97% of letting agents (and it goes for estate agents as well) 'uses' are wasted. Letting agents talk when landlords aren't listening, they tweet but landlords don’t reply or re-tweet their posts, they post on facebook but no landlord walks through your door, they advertise their properties in their agency’s newspaper advert like their Grandfathers father did in 1931 (name across the top, grid of property and telephone number at the bottom) and they repeat the same communications strategy that failed last month, last year and the decades before that.

It is far better to show someone your lettings service than tell it to them. So why do so many lettings agents fail to follow this advice? Demonstrating the impact of your service – rather than merely describing it – true it takes time and effort.

But it is worth the effort, especially when you consider the time wasted trying in vain to sell your lettings agency by talking AT landlords. Examples include telling landlords you are the most professional agent, telling landlords you offer the best service, telling landlords what properties you have put on the market to let, telling landlords your fees are competitive.

Sorry, but everyone ignores the adverts for cheap supermarkets, DFS’s half price sale, Santanders 123 account, Brad Pitts Chanel 5 advert and GoCompare’s dull ads .. so what makes your adverts any different? .. nothing.

You need to literally SHOW landlords the difference between what they experience now (not tell), and what you want them to experience in the future. Everything pales next to the power of showing; that's why each year my local fire station brings a wrecked car to the front of the fire station, to show people what happens when they drink and drive.
I'm certainly not the first to suggest that showing is better than telling, yet at this very moment thousands of lettings agents are drowning their potential landlords in tweets of every new property they put on the market, and in the process they are failing to sell some very powerful ideas.

Show how you go above and beyond the call of duty for your existing landlords, talk about the local property market, talk about how you helped a landlord make a buying decision on what property he/she should buy as their next BTL property

Do it in the most involving manner possible, not by ‘telling them’ but ‘telling them a story’ . Tell them a story about you, even more importantly, in that story, SHOW them what you do, how you do it and most importantly, why you do it and trust me, you will get the landlords flooding through your door. Not immediately, but after a few months they will come, slowly at first but keep showing and telling the story and you will get the rewards..... More landlords using your lettings agency.

That is what I teach my client letting agents. I have proved it many times and if you want to why .. call me and I will tell you, and most importantly, show you. Then speak to the people I have helped and let them tell and show you it works 

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PS  .. the 9 rules of lettings - Rule 7 to follow early next week! 
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