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Landlords always want to pay the CHEAPEST fee .. dont they?

Yes, most lettings agents would say.

Not so fast Monsieur or Mademoiselle Letting Agent.

Landlords often will happily pay more for your service even when they can get a much cheaper fee elsewhere for less.
People buy branded luxury goods because it makes them look and feel wealthy.  The same dynamic works  in the business world, even lettings. Why do some landlords pay 14% to Foxton’s? 

Letting agents often underestimate the anger that landlords feel when they experience a bad letting agent that gives an awful service.  By contrast, landlords will pay more when they know their problems will be handled quickly and cheerfully.

Landlords will keep purchasing something that's higher priced if the difference between your price and the competitor’s fee isn't large enough to get onto their financial radar.  People don't worry about the cost of your fee if you are a couple of percentage points higher, when the landlord has got big fish to fry with their big wig job. Landlords, like everyone else, want instantaneous satisfaction, especially when they're spending money.  If you can gratify your landlord's desires sooner than the competition, they'll usually pay a premium.

Landlords hate messing around with complicated fee packages, especially those that offer a seemingly low fee, but has all the extras added on top. Landlords are usually willing to pay a bit more if you can streamline the process of doing business with you, rather than elsewhere.... and most importantly, landlords are people and people prefer doing business with their people they like.  That's one good reason that developing rapport is so crucial in landlord / letting agent relationships; it provides a buffer that keeps the competition at bay.

Still dont believe me?

Where do you (or your wife/ husband/ partner/ significant other) do you main supermarket shopping? The main shopping when you take the car and load it to the gunnels? (aka a big shop) Go down the list, a list which starts off with the poshest supermarkets and then goes down in their 'posh-ness' rating, how far do you go down?

  1. Waitrose
  2. Marks and Spencers
  3. Sainsburys
  4. Tescos
  5. Morrisons
  6. Asda
  7. Aldi
  8. Lidl
  9. Netto
  10. Farmfoods
If everyone wanted the cheapest, everyone would shop at at No. 10 .... Farmfoods.  Which number were you?

If you are having constant battles about your fees, I am going to say something that cause discomfort .. even mildly offend ... You aren't proving to the landlord why you are worth it.  Maybe a session with some of the big trainers in the industry would be order?