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Landlords - solve their problems

More thoughts on helping you get more landlords

Landlords have problems .. what are you doing to help them?

Here are some suggestions....

1. Eradicate practices that waste your landlord's time, money or efforts.....why not agree all works up to £100 can be given approval by you, so you aren’t bothering the landlord for every little thing

2. Work out what your landlord is thinking and the world around them, helping them achieve their goals, and make them aware when something important you think needs their attention. – that doesn’t mean talking about the differences of section 8 or section 21 notices nor does it need you to talk about the need for gas safety certificates or whether a tenant is liable for an extra set of keys to be cut .. that’s boring .. that’s what they pay you for. You know what to say .. stuff like this ...

3. Learn from your landlords, and remember what they tell you.
.... remember their name, if they tell you in a conversation they are taking their son back to Uni, make a note a note of it and say on the next call, even if its a few months later, how is son doing at Durham Uni?  (wow the landlord will think, ‘he remembered me’ .. no you didn’t, you just made a note on the system)

4. Make your landlord’s life a simple, no stress, no hassle one

.. not much more you can add to that.

Keep the faith and have a good life!