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Purplebricks /Yopa/EasyProperty and the rest of the ‘Call Centre’ gang of Agents have by anecdotal evidence around 5% of the UK Estate Agency market. Not 50% .. Not even 15% …. They have 5% And 12 months ago .. 4% And 24 months ago .. 3% I say to all the UK agents moaning ... Stop panicking and for Pete’s sake …. stop crying You must deal with the reality of the situation. 

Over thinking, being preoccupied and crying about them doesn't do diddly squat. You can moan, you can whine, you can poke fun out of them, you can constantly mention them at your free val, you can have them play on your mind at night and you can cry …. But you are going just going to lose. WATCH THIS 3min VIDEO for a no holds barred on the futility of estate agents moaning and crying about Purplebricks ..