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Dont be scared of Purplebricks

In this 21st century world, many people have come to suppose that individuals permanently want the cheapest option and that they consistently want it quick and easy.

Yet, you know, this isn’t true of every person.

You are that person.

You don’t go for the cheapest car brand or shop at the cheapest supermarket.

McDonalds is quick – but you would take your better half there for a romantic meal.

Not everyone wants Purplebricks and their £800 deals

But if you don’t prove you are worth more .. what else have people to base their decision on.

Audi, Waitrose, BMW, the nice Italian Restaurant in your town have all proved they are worth the money. That they are better than cheap car brands, the cheap supermarket brands and burger joint

What if instead of trying to deliver an estate agency package that was the cheapest … you attempted to do better?