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The Paradox of Big Estate Agency vs Enjoying being an Estate Agent

Most letting and estate agents reading this are privileged to be employed for purposes beyond only bringing in enough money to put a roof over your head and food on the table.
We are the fortunate ones—essentially driven to do work we care about and enjoy. A profession that offers us a sense of purpose while aiding us to achieve our potential. In our pursuit for winning in estate/letting agency, we devote a big chunk of our time pursuing the kind of growth we believe strengthens the P+L.
Our objective to increase our agency’s reach, convert more free valuations and surpass our competitors can sometimes be at the expense of doing what turns is on.
We often overlook the things that encourage us to do the great work, that will paradoxically enable us to expand our reach, attract more landlords/vendors, be competitive and feel accomplished.

When we prioritise our meaning  … our meaning on why we do what we do … the marketing and sales seem to fall into place. Putting personal commitment and a sense of purpose before profits is still an undervalued and underestimated strategy to grow any business – especially business involving people like our own lettings/estate agency business. Just a thought?