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Lucky at getting landlords

You see an agent open and he/she flies off the mark. Cracking start. Loads of new lettings business from day one.  He/she was lucky you say... I say this, ... They weren’t lucky, they were just good at the beginning. Funny word  ... lucky. You see, you might look at your competitors and say they are lucky in getting more landlords. Hey, you might be the lucky agent yourself, but luck is not a strategy.

Becoming good, even great in the long run, that's the result of effort and tenacity and smart practice. The people who are good in the long run fail a lot, especially at the beginning. So, when you fail early, it might be worth realising that this is part of the deal, the price you pay for being good in the long run.

You see when every landlord doesn’t give you their business, don’t cry ... rejection is a gift. Instead of failure, see it as a chance to learn and to do it better next time. An opportunity to figure out how to bounce back, not break. So when you have a down day, when you get knocked back .. don't waste it. You see sometimes, getting lucky at the beginning means that you fail to learn resilience and tenacity, and you lack the tools to get better. The long run is a lot longer than the start is.

Shalom my friends