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Landlords thought processes

If you start writing these articles and newsletters to attract landlords, you have to understand why this stuff works, this landlord farming. Landlords will have many questions that need answering, just like you will have questions about me and what I can offer.
First up will the initial question most people will ask, ‘Who is this guy?’. Well, the first stop is Linkedin. That’s why I teach my people on courses that a great LinkedIn profile is vital. Next up, once they have found out about you, is ‘Is this guy trustworthy?’. Well the only way to prove trust is to ask people who have worked with you. Again, Linkedin has a feature called “recommendations” .., next time look at those, it tells who what others have publicly written about the person concerned (most peoples recommendations are under each job on their profile page). Next question will be, does what this letting agent is talking about, help me? Finally, what will other landlords / people I know think, if I use this service?

Lots and lots of questions, but instead of getting all heavy on these questions, you can roll up all the questions into one .. a question that can be applied to any purchase of any product or service... how will buying this service (or product) make me feel? That is what we, as letting agents should care about. That’s all landlords want, someone who cares, someone who they can trust with their property and all you letting agents bang on about is .... “we are more professional, we offer cheap fees, here is a list of our services”.  
Sorry, those sort of things don’t address the needs and wants of a landlord.