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Do letting agents care?

There is no letting agency or estate agency that cares about their landlords, tenants, sellers and buyers. Even more importantly, these letting agencies and estate agencies don’t even care about you. Your bank, certainly, doesn't care about you. Neither does your Doctors surgery or even your car dealer. This freaks people out sometimes when they discover this fact.

People, flesh and bones on the other hand, are perfectly capable of caring. It's part of being a human. It's only when company demands and regulations get in the way that the caring fades. All landlords want is an agent who offers trust and customer service. They want someone who cares. Think about it, that’s all we want from the world.

If you want to build a caring lettings (or estate agency) company, you need to fill it with caring people and then leave them to it. You will eventually get more landlords using you and your profits will increase. When your lettings (or estate agency) company punishes people for caring, don't be surprised when people stop caring. When you free your negs, property managers and listers to act like real touchy feely people, instead of little wheels in a profit making uber high tech cutting edge big machine, then the caring can't help but happen.