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Advice on getting more landlords

Why do I, Christopher Watkin, write this blog? Well, just like you Mr (or Mrs) letting agent, I want to succeed, create wealth for myself and my family (and buy stuff for Joey) .. right? Yeah .. to a point. Yes, its gets me lots of business ... but do you know why I still do this blog even when I have enough business ..well it’s because I enjoy people coming to my blog each day and being interested in what I have to say.

You see, I do training sessions for one of big agency chains which takes me around much of the South of England, and when people ask me how Joey is, it makes my day .. why? .. because they are interested.

If you start your blog, don’t do it to get more business .. do it to make to yourself interesting to others. It’s a great feeling. The by product is that people tend to come to you and give you their business. .. that’s the best advice I can advice.

That’s the thing about great advice ... it is priceless. It might not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear. Not pie in the sky stuff, but practical and straight talking stuff. It isn’t based on fear, but on possibility. Definitely not designed to make you FEEL better but designed to make you better.

Before I go, I am going to take some advice I was given a few weeks ago. ‘Chris, how can you look after your clients if you are writing this blog all the time’. Initially that hurt, because I love the fact loads of people come to the blog every day. But I have to look after my clients and myself. Therefore, from this point on, I will be posting three times a week instead of five.  That will certainly be better for me and I will of course let you know how Joey is doing in the process!

Here is a picture of Joey in the daisy's, taken yesterday afternoon just after having a bath.