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I haven’t got time to get anymore landlords

As the dog lies at my feet, chilled out as he has his new Adaptil collar (dog collar impregnated with pheromone to chill out dogs), we get around to writing the blog.

Mr(s) letting agent, if you aren’t doing a blog, you say you haven’t got enough time, then instead of saying you haven’t got enough time, you really mean, "it wasn't important enough." It didn’t flick my switch, nor was it entertaining, money-making or urgent enough to make it to the top of the list.
How long do you spend on Facebook (or any other social media site) each day? Thirty minutes, an hour or even two hours?  I don’t know about you, but ever since I started my first job, I have always been busy, everyone has? So if you had said ten years ago there would be a computer programme (facebook/ twitter etc) that most people took 30 to 90 minutes a day on, most would say, we wouldn’t have enough time .. but now we make time for them, because it is important to us
If you are happy with the number of properties you manage, then carry on as you are. If, however, you are motivated to better yourself or better your lettings business, then the solution has nothing to do with giving yourself more time, you can’t unless you are Doctor Who. No, it’s all about getting away from this rut your are in and one of the things you can do is start doing a blog.
Remember, the  guy I know whose lettings turnover went from the mid £400k’s to the mid £600k’s in a couple of years ...  by just spending 3 hours at the start of each month doing one thing, then 8 to 10 minutes a day doing something else.. and you see the return he got.. now tell me you haven’t got enough time.
However,  before you go off and start a blog, there is no point in doing a blog if it isn’t going to get you any more landlords? Many letting agents do a blog, but it doesn’t get them one landlord. Why? .. Because with blogs, you have three issues:
1.    How do you get people to your blog
2.    How do you get them keep coming back to your blog?
3.    How do you those regular blog readers through your door, so you can convert them into new business?
That my friends’ is what I have come up with. A proven system, with testimonials, that goes through those three stages, step by step. If you want to know how, pick up the phone on 07950 147 572 (or you could waste your time doing it the wrong way)
I will tell you how and I won’t charge a penny for doing so .. what have you got to lose? Haven’t got enough time? Come on, stop kidding yourself .. 5 to 10 minute call tops (although this week I have a course on every day including Friday, but you can leave a message). Worried about the price of a phone call?  You probably have some minutes left over at the end of the month anyway! Take some time out and let's speak soon?

PS Might have a space left on my 26th June 2014 course if you are interested