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Your lettings agent brand ... does it get you more landlords?

You could say my firm, lets call it Bloggs and Co, its all about service, quality and customer focus. 

I say this my blogging friends, you haven't answered my question, because every lettings agent’s brand stand for that. If you are what others are, then your brand is nothing, nothing to own, certainly nothing to protect (everyone else has it) or even build on build upon.

So what does your lettings brand stand for? So, when you compare your lettings brand, you are competing against other lettings brands for existing and future attention, for business (existing and new), for free vals (opps they call them market appraisals don’t they nowadays) for loyalty, for recognition and to attract the best employees.

So, again, what makes your brand so special?

Premier Inn, Travellodge, Holiday Inn... they don't actually stand for anything, do they? They can't, because they stand for precisely the same thing – cheap hotels – good but still place to put your head on a pillow. Nike vs. Puma vs Adidas ... They all want to stand for winning. How substantial are the differences?

Start a list of the differences and the extremes because a brand that stands for what all brands stand for’ stands for nothing much at all