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Opening a lettings and estate agency

I was recently talking to someone who wanted to open their own estate agency/letting agency. A friend of theirs had given them some feedback on a new project proposal. The friend said, "It will have trouble standing out on Estate Agent’s row, because that's already crowded."
The thing is, every Estate agent’s row and street in every town and nowadays, especially online is crowded.
And the problem on the crowded High Street, and with all these online agents, is that your odds of getting found and getting picked are slim indeed, slimmer than ever before.
Which is why 'the High Street can't be your goal. If you need to get picked from the High street, then you've already lost.  Now i am not advocating online agencies. I still believe if you want to be a big player, you need such a presence (but that is not what this ditty is all about)
The only opportunity (which of course, is the best opportunity ever for most of us) is to skip depending on being found on the High Street and go directly to people who care. To skip the High Street, Estate Agents row and get talked about. To skip the Estate Agents row and be the one and only dominator in a category of one, a category that couldn't really exist if you weren't in it.
That's hard to visualise, because it doesn't match what you've been taught and what our culture has celebrated, but it's what's on offer now.
There are plenty of spaces to rent on the High Street that are available to all of us, but by itself, it's insufficient for much of anything. The space you need to fill is to fill the spaces in people’s mind – get inside their head before the landlord can swap agents, before the seller wants the free valuation. By doing that .. they will come to you. That is what I teach my people. Thanking for reading this and Shalom