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Why landlords might not want the perfect letting agent

You can be the letting agent that is perfect. The one that always rings his landlords every week, on time, without fail, whose brochures are a masterpiece of English prose, floor plans that an architect would be proud of, 26 photographs that David Bailey would call his own. You know your section 21's, even the section 21 a or b.  .. hell you even know the AST be heart. 

Your twitter feed is sent out on the hour, every hour with rolling ‘top ten tips for landlords’ messages, mixed in with every lettings listing you list. You might be boring, but you are always right.

Or you can be the person who makes your agency interesting. The thing about being interesting, whereby you create a remarkable service that landlords love, is that you don’t need to be full-on all the time, because people will forgive you missing the odd call, the odd missing file note yet, if you delight them, make them happy about themselves, the awesome service you provide. 

Why? Because in this grey world, being charismatic and passion is what gets people attention, interest and desire to do business with you ..and the good thing is that you only have to be charismatic every once in a while. 

When an charismatic person is momentarily not charismatic, people will patient. When a perfect person, the boring one that's constantly using its checklist to dumb things down, is imperfect, people get annoyed. Why? .. because in this world, if you set yourself up as perfect, perfect has to be perfect all the time.

Are you perfect or interesting?