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Do landlords care what properties you have put on the market this week?

So lets look at it from the landlords point of view .. 'Do they really care you have listed a 2 bed flat at £600 pcm' ..... answer honestly, no they dont... 

Before you answer that, do you Mr or Mrs letting agent care what properties your sister office have listed? again .. another no

So why the hell do letting agents tweet all their new listings on twitter, or post their new listings on facebook or linkedn?

I was talking to a letting agent  from Cheshire about all the noise out there in the world, all the messages, adverts, announcements, pitches and friend requests. He said he couldnt be bothered to read all the millions of tweets and posts .. to which i replied  .... "And you're sending your listings out there, so even you are sending even more every day into that bedlam, that internet turmoil."

"No we're not," he said. "Ours isn't noise."
Sorry Mr Cheshire letting agent .... Yes it is. .. please stop it.