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lettingagentsupermarket .. and now he feels EPIC!

When was the last time you watch the adverts on TV as intently as the program? Bet you put the kettle on instead? It is just a matter of fact that nobody watches TV advert. But what about those adverts you do like to watch. My favourite is the Money Supermarket ones, EPIC! You watch it because you like it.

Now, let’s look at press advertising. Just like TV, people don’t read press adverts, they cant be bothered with the second car adverts or the classified ads with the plumbers and decorators. No, customers, clients, in fact all people read what interests them. Make an advert interesting, and they will read your advert. Is a grid of 5 x 5 really interesting?

Adverts are everywhere and the game of repetition and dissemination is still what captures the interest of your customer, but there's something else happening to the property industry that is worthy of thinking about. It's also worth noting that the people who care most about estate agency marketing and advertising is usually us … the people who create it. Those who read it? They could probably care less.

Ask yourself this .. why do you advertise in the newspaper? To advertise your properties to tenants (lettings) and buyers (resi sales)? It cant be, 90% of tenants and buyers use Rightmove and Zoops. Landlords and Vendors expect it though do they? But there are plenty of agents that succeed without advertising in newspapers. So why adverts, and whilst we are at, lets include social media 

95% of estate agents and lettings agents are sending every other hour tweets and posts of every new listing, and think it as some kind of social media strategy. It is not – you might as well go into the street and chuck property details at every man and his dog as they walk past your office. The more experienced estate agents and letting agents (and they are in the minority) social media strategies that are, in fact, using their brand to portray stuff that is of interest to the people who will want to buy your service (selling a house or letting a house). Sadly, most agents are still thinking like advertisers when, in fact, they need to be thinking more like the potential punter clients
It's true that sometimes people read adverts. It's true that sometimes people like a brand on Facebook or re-tweet a promoted tweet on Twitter. It is also true that a lot of agents use these social media as another instrument to put up more impressions in the marketplace in the hopes of shouting louder than the competition. 

This isn't what world has to look like. Shouting louder doesn’t get you noticed anymore. When everyone is shouting, people will ignore you. Yes, advertising is still … at its core .. the skill to persuade someone to buy something, but the real estate agency and lettings marketing can be so much more. 

I teach my new business owners that start their own lettings agencies this … 

It's not about adverts ... it's about making something interesting.

If you are interesting  .. you can do anything