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Should High St Estate Agents offer an Online Option?

Countrywide have announced that 25% of their branches will soon offer an online estate agency package as well as their normal High Street offering.
.. but should the rest of the UK estate agents follow suit?
We can either join the ‘purplemenaces’ and commoditise our beautiful profession by trying to beat them ... trying to beat them by playing their game and offering our own alternative
online offering.

But will that turning ourselves  from estate agents into listing agents? and will that turn ourselves from professional property managers to glorified rent collectors one step p from Gumtree?
Many of you agents out there, think you should fight fire with fire, and set up your own online-proposition, like Countrywide are doing.… but here is the problem, what if your online offering works, what if your own online offering takes off and really works?
.. because if your online model does become successful, you will end up killing the very thing ( ie your High St operation) you set up your own online proposition to protect..
.. think about it .. if you are are going to fight fire with fire .. you might just get burned and end up in the ashes.
Why not fight fire with water .. its what the professionals use?
Want to know where the water is .. see below in the PS section
kind regards
PS  ......
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