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2 Things Estate Agents Always Forget

As estate (and letting) agents, we often skip the significant step of considering our marketing goals against our potential house seller and potential landlords objectives. 

As a consequence, we fall in love with our own marketing message and
don’t remember to question what it is the potential vendor (or potential landlord) needs to know or wants to hear. It’s not hard to check if this is true of your estate and letting agency  .. merely answer the next two questions.

1. What are the two most important things you want the potential homeowner and landlord to know about your agency’s service?

2. What are the two most important things the potential homeowner and landlord wants to know?

.. be honest .. are they the same?

The potential homeowner and landlord, not the agency is the champion, the star of every standout estate and lettings agency.

… and what does that look like?

Stop talking about yourselves (we have this many branches, won these awards, open 25 hours a day, we go on this portal, we have been open since 2BC .. because if a solicitor said that .. you couldn’t two monkeys – so why should a potential homeowner and landlord?

Instead, why not say things like, ‘I will look after your home as if it were my own’