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Who ya gonna call?

When you have a question or a problem, where do you go for the answer? Most probably a search engine such as Google. 

When you are browsing through your favourite social networking site, what do you tend to share? Perhaps interesting stories or clever images?

When you are working out, do you possibly listen to interesting podcasts or to the latest business audiobook? 

When you are doing research to purchase a hotel room or perhaps buy some new business software, what do you look for? Perhaps Trip Advisor with its testimonials or ratings for the hotel? And for the software, maybe a research or comparison report for the software?
In each case, it's content that solves our problems, makes us laugh or gives us the idea for our next journey.   Through content, you connect. 

We are in the property business, we have a subject about which, the British are obsessed about.  My advice to you my friends is to just talk about your local property market .. vendors and landlords will lap it up, talk about house prices, talk about yields and rents, compare one town against another, one housing estate and against another, one area against another area .. the punters will love it, share it, listen to it ...

and now for something far more important ... Joey the Lettings Dog!