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Easy tiger!

Firms produce goods and services and then People (consumers) buy that stuff, that’s the way our economy works.  I don't just mean people who buy stuff at the Sainsburys... it happens everywhere in the economy, so when I say people, I mean people buying a house, a car, a holiday, a TV, even services like a house seller needs an estate agency to sell their house or a landlord to find (and possibly manage) their rental property.  

Can I ask you a question, do you care about the solicitors practice down the road who have 5 solicitors offering 30 different types of legal advice, or the fact they have 10 offices or won an award recently, or the fact they have over 1,000 clients on their books?  No, of course not .. so why do you think people would be interested in your agency, your awards, the number of people who use you?

Consumers don't care about you at all. Sorry to be harsh, but they just don't care. When you have too much choice but not enough time .. it’s a damn sight easier to ignore everything. With the explosion in the number of agencies out there over the last ten years, landlords and home owners  have got way more choices of agents, but a lot less time ... so all of us just end being ignored. I don’t know about you, but in a world where we have too many choices and too little time, the obvious thing to do is just ignore stuff. 

And my tale here is you're driving down the road and you see a cat, and you keep driving because you've seen cat before. Cats are invisible. Cats are boring (unless of course it’s your cat!). Who's going to stop and pull over and say -- "Oh, look, a cat." Nobody... so why do you expect that when you open the 34th lettings/estate agency in town? You are just another cat.

Be different, make yourself a tiger, become your town’s local property guru.