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Trust .. the most important thing when choosing an agent

feel free to copy this and use it for yourself ......

As a letting agent, I cannot determine whether or not I am a trusted letting agent. That is only something my clients decide for themselves. All I can do is behave in such a way that I influence how my clients view their relationship with me. 

A trusted letting agent calls on their client to bring them new ideas, regardless of whether or not they have something to sell. A trusted letting agent has expertise on their local property market. They know their business, they know their client’s business, and they have enough general knowledge about how things work to offer advice worth taking. A reliable letting agent values the relationship more than the transaction. A trusted agent has a personal relationship with their landlord. This doesn’t mean they have a friendship, even though that is possible, and maybe even likely. There relationships is built on value. These are the things which makes you a trusted letting and estate agent.

When someone asks what business I am in, I don’t say I am in the Lettings or even Estate Agency or Property Business. No I am in the People business. Its the best job in the world, helping local people find or sell their homes, be that renting or selling .. what could be better?