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PODCAST - What turns on a landlord?

Morning everyone. I hope this finds you well. On last weeks podcast, I promised you I would talk about the two things that interest a landlord.

If you havent got time to listen to it ... here they are
  1.  How much is my rental property worth?
  2. Where is the next BTL bargain to be bought?

..... note s8 vs s21 notices, EPC rules, your fees, the list of your services, how many properties you have let this month, any awards you have won or how busy you ....  are not on the list!

Here is my 5 min 40 sec PODCAST with my ramblings. Please click on the Orange circle with the white arrow in it, to start the podcast.

Those of you who subscribe to the landlord farming blog wont be able to see the orange circle, so to listen to podcast, you will need to click here ...

PS .. if you want to subscribe to the blog, all you do is pop your email into the box just above my mugshot on the blog (although I am told you need to be on a tablet or PC to see it .. its doesnt show on mobiles)