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How 'Homes Under The Hammer' could save your agency

Let’s talk about your problem Mr Estate Agent or Mrs Letting Agent ... no one’s using it.

Your problem is this ... if any landlord or potential house seller actually knew how caring, trusting, compassionate and awesome an agent you were, you’d have absolutely no trouble at getting more properties on the books.  

The thing is, no one cares enough to get find out .. in this world, they are, well, let’s just say .. shallow. All agents are just the same and people just get on with their day to day life, trying to make ends meet. They aren’t  looking for an agent .. they are working too many hours and being bombarded with sales messages from travel agents, mortgage companies, credit card, broadband providers, PPI claims,  insurance, cars .. the list goes on. It’s just easy to ignore all the messages as it’s hard enough to deal with what’s on your plate, let alone decide which agent I might (or might not use in six months or even six years time) ..

..but why I am looking at cars now, when mine isn’t up for change for at least 18 months? Well looking for cars is interesting, it’s fun. I don’t do the same on car insurance or banking .. that’s dull. I tell you what is also interesting, the property market. I love looking at Rightmove to see what is happening, especially properties similar to mine or potential ones we could buy. Think about it, us agents are in a profession, a subject the British love .. and what do we do?

Be honest, do you care the local solicitors have won an award recently? No, so why do you think potential landlords would be? A local firm has just attained ISO:9001 .. so what. We have just sold 10 properties .. so what, I’m not looking to sell. As agents, all we seem to talk about is ourselves, we tell people about our services, how our fees are sooooo inexpensive, we tell people how awesome our agencies are, what we have sold or let. Nobody gives a ****!  

 But what if you talked about something that DID interest the landlord or potential house seller?

 If only we worked in an industry that the British public were obsessed about, if only we worked in an industry that without, the Daily Mail would have nothing to write about. If only we had banks like the Halifax or Nationwide publish Price Index’s that made the front page of most newspapers each month. 

If only we had TV programme that 3 million people watched daily where people bought something at auction, the TV crew went round to look at what was bought, with some professionals telling us what it was worth, then move forward six months, and we revisited  what was bought, but it been done up .. with another set of professionals telling us how much it had gone up in value.(Homes Under the Hammer).   

If only we had a programme that Aled Jones razzed around the countryside in a Volvo 4 x 4, with a couple of 50/60  something’s who live in a city, looking at three properties they could buy, but without the intention of buying any of them  (Escape to the Country). 

.... and oh if only we could have a TV programme where this bloke called Kevin watches a posh couple build something out of stone, glass and steel over a few months as the Mrs totters around in Pink wellies on the site, with tears and screaming just before the ad breaks, but everything sorts itself by the time the hours up. (Grand Designs) ... other property shows are available!!

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