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Courses in Writing Articles about your Local Property Market

Just wanted to give you heads up on the forthcoming course on getting more landlords to use your lettings agency.

The course is a two day event on Thursday 23rd April / Friday 24th April 2015 in Grantham (near Nottingham and Leicester). It is 59 minutes from London Kings Cross train

There are 3 places left.
If you need video feedback from last month’s  attendees ...

If you are asking if the course is worth it, dont take my word for it .. why dont you ring any of the people on this video, why not ring Craig Scott (who runs Redstones Newcastle), Jenny Fenton who runs Othala Lettings in Oxfordshire, Sunny Kang who runs Ashton Reeves in Bexley, Daniel Sperber who runs IQ Property in Moseley (Birmingham) and Rob Butterworth who runs Castle Estates in Leigh on Sea (posh bit of Southend) .. they are fellow letting agents, they paid the money .. Google them and then ring them and ask them if they thought it was worth it. All of them are happy for you to call and ask them .... unless of course you trade in the same town as them ;-) .. then I am rubbish!

Here are some Linkedin Recommendations of the system ..If you are on Linkedin, they can be seen here ... or they can be seen here

The cost of the course is £875 + VAT per person

The lunchtime food, coffee and cold drinks during the daytime course is included.

The attendees will responsible for their overnight accommodation costs. Bed and breakfast rate at the Hotel we are holding the course in is £70 for a single occupancy and if you book plenty in advance, the local Premier Inn on the outskirts of town often does room only deals for around £40/£50 a night (I can provide info if required).

We would have a social get together on the middle evening , which would be ideal to swap ideas and network.

The venue is here ..

07950 147 572

PS Before you dismiss it... read what some other agents have said ..

Paul Tobias-Gibbins (in Dec 2014) "I attended Christopher's course back in July this year and as we come in to December we have added 30 new properties to our portfolio."

Mark Rowe, Agent on South Coast "Chris has a deep understanding of how a Landlords mind works. He has the ability to identify the needs of a Landlord and apply this to a letting agents marketing mix with great results! A very good trainer, who uses humour and his years of experience to make the process interesting and memorable! Highly recommended! "

John Paul (MD of Castledene and Sunday Times Letitng Agency of the Year 2014 for the UK)  "I found Christopher's course to be fantastic and we are already seeing the positive results of his teachings. As with everything action is required, but by putting into place the information taught by Chris, you cant help but get more business. He is also a really nice bloke, which helps massively, highly recommended"

PPS If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ring me or email on

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