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Lying cheating competitor agents, who do cheap fees .. don’t you just hate them!

When I was an agent, one of the worst bits was dealing with the competition ..most were good and mutual respect was given and received .. apart from the bar$***d agents, the ones who dropped fees to get the business, even worse, the agents who told lies to get the business.

Let me tell you what you should do about those two things of lying barstools and low fees

Low fees  - Your competition can quote at whatever fee they want .. deal with it. It doesn’t matter whether you know that they don’t have the profit to deliver the results they are promising. It doesn’t matter that they are going to lose money. It’s irrelevant, the bottom line is this, you can’t do anything about their fees. You could try reducing your fee, but that doesn’t address their profitability, their promises, or that they can’t deliver. You can only create persuasive, differentiated value. Face it ... You can’t control your competitor’s fees.

Lies  - It doesn’t matter that your competitor estate and letting agents will commit lies of omissions and let your dream landlord or house seller believe that they can have something without doing what is necessary. It doesn’t matter that they are being untruthful. It doesn’t matter that your client doesn’t realise that they are being lied to. You can’t keep your competitors from lying. You can’t be a professional and lie. All you can do is create the trust and build relationships. Bottom line kids is this ... You can’t control whether or not your competitor lies.

So what can you do? All you can control is the value that you deliver, then keep improving that value, upping your game, month in, month out. Your should only concentrate and focus on the things that YOU can control, and your competitor letting agent and estate agents aren’t things that you can control.