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What would make 30 new landlords ring a letting agent for the first time, in just one day?

Last week I was on the train up to Newcastle, when one of my clients,  for whom I write the articles about his local property market, rang me ...

‘Bloody hell Chris, I made a cock up a few days ago. You know that list of 300 landlords I had, the ones I had captured over the years via referencing, the ones I have been emailing the newsletter for last couple of months about the local property market with the articles you write for me’. 

‘Yes David' (not his real name!)

‘Well I sent the newsletters, but for the third one I thought I would send a paper version, on the nice thick paper you suggested, instead of emailing it’, 

‘Great’, I said, ‘Where’s the issue?’

‘ The mail merge address labels cocked up and moved the postcode on one record, so Landlord A’s name and address got landlords B’s postcode and so on and so forth’

‘ Oh, dear’, I replied, ‘No Chris, it’s the best thing ever!’, to which I replied, ’How?’

‘ Over thirty landlords rang me today, not complaining, far from it. They all said how much they looked forward to receiving the newsletter via email, but as I was now sending it by post, even better, but as the postcode was wrong, they wanted to ensure they continued to receive the newsletter, as the wrong postcode might mean next time, they wouldn’t be so lucky and might miss out on getting the next edition’

David went on to say,’..and even better Chris, I had never ever spoken to these landlords before, so I asked If I could take their telephone number and all of them happily gave it, some asked to be kept in contact and some even said that they had already made the decision to ring me the next time their tenant handed in their notice’

How many landlords on your database would do that for your landlords wanted leaflet? How many landlords would miss you not sending your marketing material? 

You see, all these newsletters  and advertorials, which we call landlord farming marketing , is just marketing that delivers anticipated, personal and relevant messages to landlords who want to get them.

Example of the type of newsletter ..