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Hoow to become your town's PROPERTY GURU!

Influence is a funny thing. Thirty years in Grantham, there were three big estate/lettings/surveying practices, William H. Brown, Goldings and Escritt and Barrell. People thought all the Directors  all walked on water and the unclean of Grantham dothed their cap as they drove  by in their fancy cars. They were Grantham Property Glitterati, the gurus of property their town. To get to that point, they had worked 25 years rising up the ranks, sweeping floors, working under the boss as a slave until they retired and they took the reins .. it had been like that for 100 years and it would continue like that for another 100 years .. wouldn’t it? 

However, the world has changed, technology democratises anything it touches, and now, thanks to internet and social media, you can have followers even if you haven't done the sorts of things .. you can be your town’s guru, the go to man or lady, the No. 1 influencer in your towns property market .. I am not jesting here and  no bull either. Don’t get me wrong though, it is hard work .. really hard work! Still interested? .. read on my blog reading friend

If you want to become your town’s local property guru, the fount of all knowledge to do with your local property, then you have to prove it. .. but once you have, you will have influence, you will be your town’s property guru. 

Writing the articles about your local property market in local newspapers, local newsletters and blogs have to tell a story, but at the same time, not give a lecture. By hinting at the facts you will get greater results, instead of just announcing the facts. It is really hard to prove your way into getting the landlord to walk through your door, let alone use your agency —you gain a landlord when the landlord proves to himself (or herself) that you are a good choice.

 The process of discovering you are the best letting agent is more powerful than being told by a mate (or you) that you are the best agent. Why? ...because in this funny old world, there is no right or wrong answer, and here is the best bit, even if there were, the landlord wouldn’t believe you!
Is a Audi A3 better than a Skoda Fabia? Both are decent sized family motors, both will get you to Birmingham in about the same amount of time. They are based on the same skeleton and have the same engine in them... probably made in the same factory, they will use the same amount of petrol and nought to sixty is the same .... but the Audi is £22,000 and the Skoda £14,000. Is the Audi 50% better?

That depends. 

When a car buyer slams the door of the Audi, it tells a story. A story about safety and workmanship, a story that says solidity and performance. That doesn’t happen with a Skoda. What’s the Audi story worth? How does it make the buyer feel about the brand and the way he’s chosen to spend his money? 

Audi spends almost all of the price premium they charge building stories for customers to believe, to enjoy and to share. They put those stories into the TV or the way the accelerator feels or the intelligent actions of the windshield washers. .... but underneath the bonnet, it’s the same engine, the same engineering, same suspension.... it’s the same bloody car!  ..... but Audi wins because they are authentic in their quest for a car worth talking about. 

That’s why it’s important you are worth talking about Mr and Mrs Fellow letting agent; by becoming the local property expert; using blogs, newsletters and newspaper advertorials to tell a story about the local property market.. you need to post three or four times a week on your blog (otherwise you are wasting your time). But then you need to get people to your blog (no point in writing something if nobody is going to read it), then you need to get those regular visitors to then contact you. 

If you want to know the way to become your town’s property guru .. let’s talk? What have you got to lose?