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Give up your job and start your own agency .. Jumping in at the Deep end!

How many times have you thought, I could do this better, I could run my own estate and lettings agency, but I haven’t the money to get me going .. fine I say. That’s a big risk .. but you are only here once in this theme park called life. So why not play the long game? ... You are only here once, so a couple of years is nothing on the whole scheme of things, is it? 

The problem of starting your own estate/lettings agency isn’t being an estate/letting agent, its finding people who trust you to be THEIR estate agent or letting agent. So why cold start an agency with a millstone around your neck of a mortgage, rent for the shop, £1k a month portal charges etc etc .... you are leaching money whilst building up that trust.. and trust takes time. You hope the money doesn’t run out before time does!

But what if there was another way? Stay in your own job and build the trust up in YOU. It won’t cost you any money, just time ... lots of time .. you just said you were in this game for the long term, didn’t you? Perhaps it's better to commit to start at the shallow end and even if that is too much, the paddling pool.... Not the giant life changing, risk the house commitment, but a small commitment. 

When you do a small thing, when you finish it, shine it, put it into the world, you've made something. You have committed and you have finished. Then you can do it again, but louder and a bit bigger.

It's easy to be afraid of jumping in at the deep end, because, after all, the deep end is dangerous (as the Swimming Pool signs say)... and the fear is a safe way to do nothing at all. Paddling, on the other hand, gets you under the radar and it gives you a chance to begin. The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step.... that first step doesn’t need to be huge ... but making it (no matter how small) is still the most important thing.

Now, what is it that I am suggesting that is simple, easy and will enable you to make the first step? If you are serious, I will tell you. I don’t want anything in return, I am happy to help you because people have helped me in the past. If you are someone who has always wanted to open your letting or estate agency and is prepared to play the long game, I will help you and tell you what you need to do. I warn you, it’s a slow old process. It won’t cost you one penny apart from your time ... 

So what is it? Well like I said, YOU have to make the first step. That first step is for you to find out what it’s all about. If I told you now, YOU would read it and YOU would ignore it. So, if you want to know how give me a call (my number is on website and if you are viewing this on a tablet or PC, down the right hand side in that small thin column with the info on it). There is no catch just information you may find useful for your future in the estate agency/lettings business and if you are interested you should call me.

People have helped me and I want to return the favour (.. and I hope YOU do in the future to others) ... or you could just carry on with you dull dull job, working for the man, worried about your fear. 

You see, if estate and letting agency is going to go on line in the next 10 to 20 years, models such as the Hybrid Purplebrick’s, might just take off .... (and those of you who poopoo that idea .. whatever  happened to the record industry OR insurance industry) .... just think about it.

As I said before,  fear is a safe way to do nothing at all.

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