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Want to be the biggest letting agent in your town?

Are you sure? .. Really sure, do you really want to be the BIGGEST agent in your town?
... or ..
Do you want to be the BESTEST agent in your town?   

(Ok, wrong use of the word ‘bestest’ but you get my drift and who cares?)

I tell you this .. there isn’t much mutual ground between being the biggest and the best.

Whatever you look at it, no matter how you evaluate or measure 'best'; be it refinement, impact, productivity, expressiveness, how memorable you are or how profitable it is, it is never ever present in the thing that is the most hip or popular at that time.

The best restaurant in Grantham, which came in the No.8 in last week’s Sunday Times Top 100 restaurants, is certainly not McDonalds, which is the biggest in town. The fancy £4.75 Hand Crafted Lager from Poland isn’t the most popular – Fosters at £2.50 in the Chaavscum pub up the road. The biggest supermarket in town is Morrison’s, but it isn’t Waitrose. Jacobs Creek Vino de plonk or New Zealand Sav Blanc Cloudy Bay? The biggest selling car in the UK was the Ford Fiesta, Ford selling 72,000 last year, whilst the Audi A1 only sold 14,000 .. biggest or best? 

So Mr(s) Letting Agent .. being Big is an option ...but so is best!