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Social Media Will Kill Your Estate / Lettings Agency Career

Every estate/letting agent has got troubles and problems..

but nobody cares your troubles and problems..

because all they care about is their own troubles and problems..

since every agent (in fact every human) in the UK (and the world) has got troubles and problems ...

So stop complaining about low fees, stop groaning about how hard it is to grow market share, stop whittling about Purplebricks, stop whining about over-valuing …

These are the same issues you had 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago … the players might be different .. but the stage and theatre we play on is the same…..

Just get the FV, get the listing and sell or let the bl**dy house

What I have learnt is this .. if you are happy with your lot in life, in estate and lettings agency – good show – contentment is something we all wish we had

But if it isn’t enough … then the issue rests on your shoulders .. just get out there and put the hours in… work harder, work smarter, be more ambitious, yet at the same time … be more patient ..

But you will say I haven’t got enough time

Funny how we find the time to spend hours a day on mobiles on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.

According to a recent UK survey .. People under 40 in the UK spend an average of one hour and 47 minutes a day on social media according to Samsung. The Telegraph said it was 1hr 20 mins a day on social media

I have found the time I need by removing Social media from my mobile phone

I still check it during the day as I use it for work and a bit of personal stuff .. but not on my mobile
 Get rid of social media on phone?

The notifications and comments on social media we crave are because we are drug addicts.  

Simon Sinek, the guy who did the “Start with Why” video states using social media releases dopamine in to the brain, the same 'feel good' chemical in our brains as smoking, drinking and gambling. This, he says, is why people, especially millennials (people between the age of 18 to 33 years old) given unrestrained access from a young age — are becoming so needy with mobile phones and technology that goes with it.

Yet like most addictions, there is price to pay. It will affect our relationships, time, money and make our lives worse.

He said in the video, "We know that engagement with social media releases a chemical called dopamine, that's why, when you get a text, it feels good, right? We've all had it when you're feeling a bit down and a bit lonely and you send out 10 texts to 10 friends... because it feels good when you get a response. It's why we count the likes, it's why we go back 10 times to see," Sinek says.

"When you get it, you get a hit of dopamine, which feels good, it's why we like it, it's why we keep going back to it. Dopamine is the exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke, when we drink and when we gamble. In other words, it's highly, highly addictive. We have age restrictions on smoking, gambling and alcohol and we have no age restrictions on social media and cellphones, which is the equivalent of opening up the liquor cabinet."

I warn its hard – really hard .. and I do slip every once in the while ..but little by little … it will get better….. but you will be happier and you will have the time to improve yourself and your company .. but only if you want to.

It really is as simple as that.

If I have offended you or think I am a tw*t .. good for you. However, I only care about the people I care about. I put no weight into anyone’s opinion about me because I know exactly who I am.

Can you say the same?

If I have inspired you – great – I am proud of you

If you want to pick my brain on some tips or guidance on anything I have mentioned in this (or any other post) ..just pick the phone or email me .. I would love to help you

Kind regards
Christopher Watkin