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3 simple things to be successful in estate and lettings agency

Ambition and Hardwork - that is all you need to be successful in estate and lettings agency isn't it?  Maybe?

I see so many ambitious new start Estate/Letting Agents, believing they will take over their town's market in a matter of months .. but arent prepared to put in the hardwork
They are wanting to be anointed, be the winner, be fastest growing agent, be the biggest agent in their town before they have actually done it .. 

That is an issue with everyone today  ... Everyone wants it now.

It's society .. we now have instant information (internet), instant shopping (amazon), instant dating (tinder), instant TV (Netflix) .. and you 25 to 35 year olds .. you millennials, with shed loads of ambition, who want to start your own agency, want it all now, as you have come to expect it in all other aspects of your life .. including the setting up and succeding up your new lettings and estate agency

Open your eyes ... 

.. but let's assume you are both ambitious and put in the hardwork .. you will still won't succeed

You might ask why? ... Yes, I know you are ambitious and you work really hard  ... but do you have as much patience?
The more ambitious you .. the more patience you need to have
Look at it like a seesaw .. the bigger your hard work, the bigger the fulcrum (which means you can have a bigger seesaw ie bigger seesaw = better chance of winning) ... but then we have to add the plank... and its that plank that is an even bigger issue to whether you succeed or fail.. 

I see plenty of people who work their ar$es off (ie lots of hardwork) and shed loads of ambition but still don't succeed in life, lettings and estate agency


No matter how hard you work, I have learnt my success only comes when I  balance my ambition with my patience 

The more ambition I have - the greater my patience needs to be .. they go hand in hand .. they need to balance each other out

...and $hit, that is such a tough balancing act

I have learnt - as you must .. and you have no choice ..  to start with, nothing happens without hardwork ...and I mean stop watching boxsets on Amazon Prime, stop wasting hours on candy Crush, stop posting cr*p motivational posters on social media, stop going on holidays all time, stop going out three times a week, stop it ... eat and live hardwork ...

So let's assume you are prepared to put in the 18 hour days focussed on growing your new lettings and estate agency and you have ambition oozing from your pores .. then you need something else ..a third thing has to kick in.

You see if you recognise yourself as that hard working someone, with all that ambition but with no patience - then the chances are you will lose because you will give up before the success comes

... but do the hardwork and balance every tonne of ambition and with a tonne of patience ... and you will be a winner

The answer ....

So where do does everyone go wrong?  

They have huge ambition, medium hardwork ethics and no patience

The solution - Work your ar$e off, and the bigger your ambition - the bigger your patience should be

What are you going to decide? .. because remember ...

The market decides who wins and who loses  .. You decide on your level hard work and then the balance of ambition and patience

Thank you for reading this.


Want to know more? For more thoughts on how to succeed in lettings (and estate agency) .. visit my YouTube Channel ChristopherWatkin or 450 post blog on growing letting agencies