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Losing New Instructions to the Competition

All the good Valuers and Listers I have ever met have taken their work with sincerity, seriousness and focus .

Listing matters, as it has a direct and real consequences on the estate agency business. On the other side of the coin, you can't take it personally. 

When homeowner or landlord rejects your agency for another, take it on the chin, learn a lesson from why you didn’t get it.

Take a look at your strategy and tactics, pre-Free Val, at the Free Val and post Free Val. If it was cheaper fees – did you really honestly prove your worth  If it was over valuing – again – did you prove your story – or did you get the homeowners story wrong?

Adopt new methods on your free val, Adapt the current methods to the ever changing property market and Improve yourself    .. but remember this – you losing that new instruction it's not a reflection on your worth as a human being. 

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