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Estate and Letting Agents - 3 Steps To Getting More Stock

This is a copy of an email I sent to an agent in Norwich last week

You should substitute the word Norwich for your town, city or suburb... then it will make complete sense 

The three steps to getting  more stock

Step 1

People like to deal with the best person for the job in all aspects of life .. the person who knows what they are doing ... so the homeowners and landlords of Norwich will ask out the best Norwich estate /letting agent for the free val on their Norwich property .. the agent who knows the Norwich property market like the back of their hand .. the property guru of Norwich  

100% of Norwich homeowners live in Norwich (obvious but often the most simple things are) and 40% to 60% of Norwich Buy to let landlords live in Norwich 

Step 2

Norwich Homeowners and Norwich BTL landlords are interested .. one might say obsessed about the value of their property in Norwich  ... how much their Norwich property gone up by, what is it's value now, how much will get go up by .. in essence money

Step 3

So you know where most of your potential clients live (Step 1) and what they are interested in .. (Step 2)

So just talk about the local property market in Norwich  .. write about your local property market in a monthly newsletter that just talks about the Norwich property market ... that you can deliver through the letter box of every middle to upper class house in your patch in Norwich, then email it to your database/mailing list of Norwich people and finally, get it out on social media to all the people you are connected with in Norwich


Its as simple as that!   Have a look at these great examples ..

... and do you think any of these agents had time to write these newsletters? .. Of course they didn't  - all of them had them ghostwritten by myself and my team.

We don't ring you up to ask what to write about .. we just deliver the articles / newsletters to you. No stress .. no hassle ... leaving you to get on doing what you are good at .. selling and letting property in Norwich 

Final thought
We can only work for one agent in one area ... so what if you don't have these newsletters but a competitor agent in your local patch of Norwich did? 

How would that make you feel?

Show these newsletters to the boss .. you will only make yourself look good ... and if you are the boss .. then we need to talk before a competition in your patch of Norwich contacts me.

Email me or ring me and let's have a chat .. and here is the best bit .. the cost is not as much as you think!