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A few days ago, I published an article about the ‘3 steps to get more stock for your estate agency’ and the number of viewers for my article was much higher than normal for one of my posts.
You see, British people in the 21st Century are captivated to the idea that success has a formula. Do A then B, then C, then D and you get the megaprize.. the jackpot .. the secret weapon .. and you have to admit ..its rather attractive .. almost addictive?
If you Google ‘catchy headlines for blogs and social media’, they will always tell you to put numbers in your titles .. The 3 steps to get this .. the 4 way to get that, 5 for this and 6 for this …
All of us (me included) are lured by the notion of ‘the 5 stages to this or that to what you want’. If the post has got a number .. especially if it gives us something we want … we are certain to click on it. ..
BTW … I also appreciate the irony of the title of this post
And so we lured into self help books and courses, getting more advice, more checklists, more guidelines and teachings .. promising to point to the way to (in the case our professional – (estate and lettings agency) … a short cut that will get use untold free vals, shed loads of listings , gazillions of exchanges and lets .. with the end result of more money. Than the combined wealth of Switzerland,  a beautiful wife/ husband ..two or three awesomely humble children, a chocolate lab and jack russell terrier, range rover (proper one), Ferrari, huge mansion in the home counties,  angels singing as you enter a room .. your own personal jet peace and a statue of you in every town square in the UK as the most awesome’ist estate/letting agent in the world .. you get the ironic drift!
In the original article I published a few days ago, I stated there were 3 easy steps to getting more stock to let and buy  ..(here is the article)
The system I advocate is called ‘local property guru marketing’  … because whilst other agents call them themselves local property experts.. you can prove you are the ‘local property expert’ by using this technique.. and people in all aspects of life like to deal with the best person for the job
I guarantee this ‘local property guru marketing’ works .. but its bl**dy hard work getting it to work.
… and you are going to have to most of the work
It takes patience, persistence and sheer hard bl**dy nosed determination if you want the uplift in business we are seeing with the other letting and estate agents I work with around the UK (organic growth of a minimum of 20% to 30% in 12 to 18 months)
Yes, I have simplified it into 3 steps .. but it should be 103 steps or 203 steps .. lots of small things to make up the big three steps .. but here is the best bit … all those steps are laid out for you.
… but you still have to do them.
I will guide you, support you, lead you, encourage you … and so will the 300+ other letting and estate agents in our self help group of fellow agents who adopt the principles of local property guru marketing’  .. just imagine the support, guidance and help of 300+ fellow agents around the UK in your quest to be a better agent and get more business, swapping ideas ..its like being part of big club of agents .. all helping each other to succeed
You see, every town is different, every market is different and yet the successes we hope and desire to and try to emulate are aspirational precisely because they aren’t easy.
Some people ask me .. why don’t the big boy agents and corporates do this ‘local property guru’ marketing .. to which I reply …
The hard part is not knowing exactly how to do the thing….It’s caring enough to decide that you should.
Do you care enough?

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