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70 agents sharing best practice on how to run better agencies

A week today, 70 letting and estate agents will all meet up in Grantham to share ideas, help each other, support each other, guide each other in our quest to be better agents and change the way agents are looked upon by the British public.

70 agents sharing best practice on how to run better agencies, attract more landlords and vendors, enjoy the job as an agent more and most importantly, help our fellow agent do those things.

The cost of the event is £35 to cover the cost of the food and room hire. There will huge opportunity to network. There will be a few informative speakers to share their ideas as well.

This isn't a sales pitch. Tickets sold out months ago. (and before you ask - you didn't need to be a cleint of mine either to attend). Any agent who wants to help their fellow agent become a better agent is most welcome... because when we teach - we learn ourselves!

We do this by becoming our town's local property guru. 

We are all members of the Facebook group 'Landlord Farming Club'

It just goes to show what a bunch of agents together can achieve... together

Together we are stronger, because with us, you might be on your own, but your aren't alone.

.. this is the power of landlord farming.

To join us .. apply to our Facebook Group 'Landlord Farming Club' 



PS Can I ask you also send me a one line email once you have applied to the Facebook group to tell me where you are based in the UK as an agent. If I send the message asking where you are in the UK via FB, the message gets filtered out because we aren't connected as friends. The reason we ask is we need to know so there is no cross over of competitor agents (i.e. you wouldn't want to see a local competitor in the same group would you if you were giving your ideas away?)