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My fears for UK Estate and Letting Agency

I believe the vast majority of estate agents and letting agent are good decent professional people – who know their market – and even more importantly … who care… REALLY CARE
Most of us agents are nothing like the ‘sell your own grandmother’ types the papers and the public like to think of us. I fear if we don’t change that – we will sleepwalk into a Purplebricks style Hybrid online profession as the public see the shiny clean online / hybrid offering  from PB and others and suitable alternative
I have set out to change that perception – to change the perceptions of the UK public – to make the profession looked up to … like it was up to the 1970’s before the wide boy 1980’s Estate Agents ruined our standing in the UK
This isn’t the fantasy of some middle aged bloke from the East Midlands. This is an ever growing group of 200 individual estate and letting agents from around the UK. Its like being a club of 200 competitor agents – but they help and guide you on what to do.
We meet regularly at our Summits ( a get together of 70 agents in one room - its brill) , we have a Facebook group where we share ideas – freely. We do this by sharing best practice to get more landlords and more vendors to make homeowners and landlords in your area hang on every word you say…. And so much more
  • Make 30 landlords ring you up in one morning (out of 310 landlords) because you sent them your next marketing flyer but it had the wrong postcode on and they were worried they wouldn’t get the next one..
  • Make newspaper editors ring you up each week for a comment for their newspaper.
  • Make people stop you in the street for advice in property.
  • Make the local BBC radio station interview you on the local property market (even though you had only been trading 6 months.
  • Make the local MP ask you for stats and info on the local property market to discuss in Westminster.
  • Make homeowners and landlords want to use your agency
  • Make you the local property guru
  • Make you the agent of choice
So what exactly do we do to make all these people do this?
Well if you are serious .. these seven videos – totalling 93 minutes will tell you exactly what, and how we do it .. with loads of agents sharing on film how its affected them and their agency- how they enjoy the job so muchmore and how they have grown their businesses  .. the videos have these stories and even mor importantly .. they tell you how they have done it
  • Jenny’s story of how she has grown her managed stock by 20% in a year, 
  • Paul’s story of how he has 50 additional managed properties in one year and grown his sales pipeline by 113% (and he was already No.3 agent in the town)
  • Tesh’s story of how he got 70 properties to manage in one year
  • Daren’s story on how he grew his managed stock by 200 properties  in 21 months (after years of treading water not growing)
Enjoy … 
If you want to join myself and 200 other agent’s on this mission, on this journey, each of us in our individual town battling one landlord and one vendor at a time, to make agents loved again by being people looked upto and admired ..
… then
  1. Apply to join the facebook group LANDLORD FARMING CLUB and
  2. Can I ask you drop an email to me telling me where you are in the UK as a letting/estate agent so I can put you on our map of members
kind regards
Christopher Watkin
07950 147 572

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