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9.67% response rate from this agent's leafleting campaign

30 landlords rang this one agent in one day.
The day before he had sent out 310 pieces of marketing material in the post  to 310 competitor agent landlords (gained over the years from land registry scraping or asking for details from tenants - you know the normal methods everyone uses) and exactly 30 landlords rang the very next day .. a response rate of 9.67%.
Listen to the story (3 min video) of why 30 landlords rang this one agent in one day
.. and all of them were happy to give their telephone number so the agent could keep in contact and...
Some even said they were going to ask him out the next time the tenant handed in their notice.
Below the video are examples of the marketing material used by the agent (together with examples from other agents)

Examples here ..
kind regards
Christopher Watkin
PS  It works even better for estate agents .. here is a 6 min video of an estate agent who double his resi sales business (113% in fact) in under a year ..