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Brexit - baby! One agents take on it

Competitor Agents – When the going gets tough and when the stock dries up and it gets too competitive, the weak agents charge a lower management fees or sales fees. 
However, when you put all your efforts into being the best, there is no competition. 
You have to realise that it’s up to you, and only you, as an estate or letting agent to be different. You have to prove it to the punter, because without differentiation … the landlord / vendor will always choose on fee.
You need to show what makes you so different .. in language and ways they will understand and value … because by doing so .. you are allowing the landlord / vendor to choose you on your merits, your value adding capabilities .. not just the cheapest fee.
How do you do that?
Easy .. tell them, show them,, get testimonials, show times where you have added value where others didn’t .. tell a story about your estate agency brand, your lettings brand .. what your company stands for, whats important to you .. but more importantly, how you can help your potential landlords and vendors .. Speak to one landlord, one vendor at a time. Make that landlord / vendor feel like they are being looked in the eye.
That’s the foundation of a being different, that’s the foundation of being an agent who has no completion, no issue with fees, no issue with stock.
I wonder why 5,000 people in Northampton watched this video on Facebook about the effect of Brexit specifically on the Northampton Property Market .. it makes this agent different.. its adds value to the people of Northampton … it makes her appear to knowledgeable about her local property market … here this is an identical copy on Youtube.