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Why some letting agents aren’t up for the job

Well that was a fun weekend. I was a driver in the Three Peaks Challenge ... did anyone see the Commonwealth Games on Saturday night in Glasgow with the stair-rods of rain ? .. Well we had eight experienced climbers on Ben Nevis between 5pm and 11pm in that, with 25 mile an  hour winds and rain. Whilst waiting for them, I was going over a few things in my head and a recent conversation came to mind. 

You see I had an interesting chat with an agent in early June, who had been on one of my early courses. The course had been paid for by his franchisor ( I run courses for independent agents in Grantham but also for some small/medium sized chains and franchisors - who ask me to teach their offices the techniques) .. anyway, back to the story, he had been one the first on the courses back in February. I asked if he had started the landlord farming process (setting the foundations, making contact with people, networking, writing his articles etc etc) and if he had started to see the embryonic shoots of growth (as we always say it takes a four or five months for them to kick in).

He hadn’t done a thing and he felt frustrated about his self described lack of success. I really like this person and wondered why he felt the way he did. As we talked about his goals, aspirations, and level of commitment, it was clear he was holding back. When I questioned him about it, he confessed that he was very uncomfortable building the relationships he needed to achieve the level of success he desired. Now, those of you who know me, are aware of my straightforwardness  and that it’s not out of any nastiness, it’s because I DO give a s**t about my pupils. That said, I asked the letting agent if he was really up to doing the things that would lead him to greater success? I heard him sigh and then changed the subject.

Anyway last week, out of the blue he called me and he shared something exciting with me. He hit a really important milestone with one of his goals of getting out his first newsletter. I was thrilled for him. Without my even asking him, the agent shared the ‘secret’ to his new found success. ‘I changed,’ he told me. ‘After our last conversation I realised that I could wait around for something to change or be the impetus of that change. While I didn’t appreciate you pressing me with your question when we spoke in the early Summer – you spurred me on. Thanks for that.’

The amount of times I hear agents tell me they haven’t got time or money to implement the farming processes .. rubbish. If its lack of money, ring me up on 07950 147 572 and I will tell you how agents have done this without spending one penny (but it does take quite a bit of time). If its lack of time ... it can be done by throwing a little bit of cash at it.  If you don’t have the cash or time ... then you are doing something wrong and that needs to change.

You see that if you want be a better letting agent, earn more money, be a more successful agent, if you want your circumstances to change for the better as an agent, you need to start by transforming some aspect of yourself .. no landlord course, in fact nothing in life will change that apart from you Mr(s) letting agent.