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It’s really tough in ******* to be a letting agent

(replace ******** with the name of your town)

Yes, it's possible that your particular town or suburb of ******** is unique, that the letting agents in your town are the best of the best (a great line from Top Gun) or there are simply too many competitors (or even worse – both), all the landlords in your town are fee driven or the set of circumstances in your town are one of a kind, that the general wisdom of lettings doesn't apply. It is even possible that your problem of getting more landlords to use your lettings agency is so perfect and you are so stuck that in fact there's nothing out there that can help you.

Possible, but come on Mr(s) Letting agent ...let’s get real here .. not likely. Your problem is the same problem that every letting agent has in his or her town. Your town is tough, but it’s the same for the guy  in the next town and town beyond that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough, very tough, and yes it’s important, but it isn’t exclusive to you  or your town because but it’s just as hard in the next town. Acknowledging this is the first step!

Most landlords live reasonably close to their property and their passion are properties in the same area they live in for their next purchase. All you need to do is talk about the local property market and get it out to all the landlords in your town (finding the emails addresses of most landlords is so easy – the hard part is writing something they will be interested in). It takes patience, oodles of time as you need to build up that trust before they come to talk to you, but if you start now, you will have the landlords starting to come through your door in the New Year. Too far in the future?  Well, you carry on with your ‘landlords wanted’ leaflets and  half price management fees for 6 months and you will be in the same position in 6 months time, 12 months’ time, 24 months’ time.. need I go on?

Or, you could take a leap of faith and try the technique? Over 40 agents have given feedback on the process on Linkedin. .... but what do they know? Only an uplift of 20% to 30% within a year ... but you wouldn’t want that .. would you?