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Can you be a better letting agent?

You might ask, “Better, but better in what?”  In whatever context you want Mr(s) letting agent. It might be in your knowledge of the lettings law. Why don’t you get yourself on the ARLA CPD course instead of faking the hours in your CPD logbook. Why don’t you get yourself on that one day course on “How to motivate staff and be a better boss?’ or Health and Safety or even a Red Cross life saving course?  All important stuff that will make you a better boss and letting agent.

So why don’t more people (letting agents) go on these sorts of courses, to make themselves better? The simplest thing to do (and quite often the thing that is safest) is to accept what you've been given, to assume that you are Mr (s) Consistent, and the cards you've been dealt are all that there is. When you assume this, you don’t have to worry, you don’t need to take responsibility because it’s all down to fate, what will be .... will be.

When I meet people who proudly tell me that they don't need to learn new techniques in getting more business as a letting agent, I must admit I'm surprised. What is stopping you trying new things? How many agents, whose ‘lettings book’ remains stagnant have decided that is always the way lettings will be from now on (hold on to what you have got and hope too many landlords don’t sell too many each year, hoping other landlords in your portfolio will buy a couple of properties to replace the lost ones).

Word up Granny ... word up
These techniques will work every location in the UK except Zone 1 and Zone 2 of Central London.  They have been proven to work in locations, towns and cities , up and down the country and please look at my Linkedin profile, you will see the recommendations and testimonials.

These techniques do have a downside though. They don’t ( I repeat don’t) cost an awful lot of money to implement, but they do take time ... alot of time  in the first couple of months. The results do take a few months to kick in, but aren’t you in this game of lettings for the long term? If you, as a letting agent, accept the results you've achieved before, if you hold on to them securely, then you never have to face the fear of the ‘what if’. What if this ‘landlord farming’ does work? What if the other agent down the road starts doing it?

These techniques will make your job more enjoyable, as these techniques will drive landlords to your agency door, asking you, your towns’ ‘property guru’ for advice. Even better is helping landlords buy their next BTL property, with landlords giving you their hard earned money to go and find them some rental property is an awesome feeling.

So what’s stopping you?  Either sit on the fence and it will be Christmas before you know it, with another six months gone by, or start it now, do your 6 months where you won’t see hardly any business, build those foundations, don’t give up, hold your nerve, and if you do it right .. you will get steady trickle of new business before Christmas, but as the Spring turns into the Summer of next year, you will be beating them off with sticks. .. and everything you need to know on how to do it, is in this blog .. all 138+ posts of it.

I think you can make yourself a better letting agent – the question is though, do you want to be?