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A guaranteed, quick and easy way to get landlords for your lettings agency

Sorry, there is no such thing..... not even the 'landlord farming' technique.

So why is the 'landlord farming' technique not guaranteed, quick and easy? Well, how can I guarantee it if you ....
  • don't write the articles in the first place,
  • don't do your blog each day, 
  • don't spend the many hours getting the email addresses of the landlords in your town, 
  • don't walk the streets delivering the newsletters, 
  • don't use the advertorials in the correct way
  • don't post on social networks in the manner I suggest, 
  • don't believe lettings is a people business 
  • don't network in the local community, 
  • don't believe people (landlords)  like to deal with an expert
  • don't believe landlords aren't interested in the local property market
  • don't believe people (landlords) buy from people (letting agents) they like 
  • don't believe in playing the long game to get more business
  • and finally, ..... loose your nerve and give up on this landlord farming after a couple months, because you expected instant results
Landlord farming doesn't cost that much money to implement, but it takes a quite a bit of time to set it up and lots of thinking and an awful lot of patience ... but if you do it correctly, hold your nerve, do it with passion and thought, it will make your monthly lettings income organically grow by 20% to 30% after a year . .. that I will guarantee 

... and if you are a passionate and patient established letting agent and believe in the techniques but want a professional to do it, you can pay me to do the hard part (write the articles for you) and I can teach your staff to do the minor stuff, so you can sit back reap the rewards in the years to come. 

.... or if you are a new start letting agent who is passionate and patient, but have the time but not the resources to pay me to write the articles, you can come on one of my landlord farming courses and I will teach you how to do it). I have now taught in excess of 85 letting agents the techniques (see Wednesday's post for details of those).

.... or you could  just carry on as you are, treading water ... because I can guarantee you that you will be in the same position with the same number of properties on your lettings book (or slightly less as all the accidental landlords start to sell up without you replacing them), whilst other letting agents organically grow by 20% to 30% a year. Choice is yours Mr(s) Letting agent.