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Some of you aren’t posting on social media because you are scared.

I get a feeling some of you aren’t posting on social media because you are scared.

People are not posting because they are scared a post, a picture, a video wont get the same number of likes and comments to their prior posts. Quite literally, people are not sharing stuff with other people, which whole reason social media works because they are $hit scared the next post isn’t going to perform as well as their killer 100+ likes and mega comments post did last week, last month, last year .. so they dont post at all.If you live your life based on your facebook likes or comments … you are in a exposed place.

That’s not your fault and its not social media’s fault, its a human problem. The reason we feel that way is because of the need to be part of the tribe. We all want to get along with the others in tribe because we need to be loved and liked by the tribe we don’t get kicked out the tribe (with the ultimate consequences of no food/shelter/warmth and protection from note being in the tribe) …

Yet we dont live in caves anymore .. there is no tribe .. the issue is - our cavemen brains dont know that … so we need to teach our caveman brain the social media post that doesnt get the likes wont have the consequences it thinks will happen